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Published Monday, March 1, 2021

How our team works from home

How The Future of Work works

Setting up a work space is no simple task, and in the last year a lot more people have had to figure out the best way to work from home, including members of our team. Here's just a small sample of the various ways in which our team have designed their ideal work from home office.


"My set up faces the windows so I can get as much light as possible. Today was unseasonably warm so I took advantage by working with my balcony door open, and my colleague (my cat, Leia) surveyed the scene. When it’s winter in Sweden you take what you can get!"

- Lydia Nicoll, CMO
Malmö, Sweden

photo_2021-02-25 16.58.26

"Pre-pandemic I was a remote work nomad, preferring to take my small laptop to any place that had food and WiFi. Since the lockdown(s) I primarily work from my bedroom, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone with sleep hygiene issues. That means a lot of time spent with my pets and clear visual reminders that I need to fold my laundry. One perk is the absolutely unbeatable view of downtown LA."

- Andy Heriaud, Automation & Growth Manager
Los Angeles, CA, USA



"As a developer, you can never have enough monitors. Being able to have code, documentation, and the web app you're working on in your view simultaneously is a necessity. Adding a TV with zoom or your team's calendar on it however, might be overkill. Apart from having a good amount of digital window real-estate, the adjustable monitor mounts keep my setup ergonomic."

- Dave Koncsol, Onboarding Engineer
Santa Monica, CA, USA



"I have the perfect setup with proper lights, a high-res Huddly IQ web camera, and a sleeping baby to rock while working at my standing desk standing working. And of course Swedish coffee on tap... can't get better!"

- Rickard Hansson, CEO
Sweden (temporarily)



"My home office is an alcove in our hallway. Just the right size for medium sized desk and chair. Cozy and simplistic, but not that ergonomic I'm afraid (which is starting to take its toll). My plan is to loot the office and bring back my office chair and at least one more monitor."

- Johan Jeppson, Developer
Linhamn, Sweden



"This is my temporary makeshift office. I used curved screens for creating a "zone" for my main working space. The two screens on top for monitoring different flows,  newsfeeds, collaborations. and communications. I also use a Logi webcam and studio mic for calls, and an egonomic chair since I sit way too much. I still haven't figured out how to turn the hideous RGB-lights off on my keyboards."

- Kris Ledel, Tech Evangelist



"In my home office I have a standing desk with two monitors so that I can keep up with my busy days. My puppy Wesley is only 8 months old so I have a cooling bed set underneath my desk for him to relax in while I have zoom meetings. He gets to chew on bones and lounge, but you will hear an occasional bark from him when he demands attention."

- Vard Sargsyan, Senior Product Owner
Glendale, CA, USA